Polyclip Val-U-Clipper


Item #: 5889

Polyclip Mdl. EZ90 Val-U-Clipper SC #10159
Clipper, air operated, single clipping machine w/manual cutoff knife F
.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Colllect

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Tipper Tie Clipper


Item #: 6425

Tipper Tie Mdl. SC487LNK Clipper SC #10624K
Clipper, mounted on s.s. cart, vertical, left hand, no knife, hand operated gate
.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Colllect

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Poly-Clip Clipper



Item #: 6711

Poly-Clip Mdl FCA3463 Clipper & TSA120HS Automatic Sealer SC #10906J
Mdl. FCA3463 Automatic Double Clipper, PLC touch screen controls,
With Mdl. TSA120HS Automatic Sealing Machine
Set up with a 8-1/2" wide forming tube, Extra Forming tubes 10" Wide and 14" wide
220 volts
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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