Risco Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 4846

Risco Mdl. RS5004 Vacuum Stuffer SC #9323K
S.S. Whole Muscle Vacuum Stuffer with dual vacuum system for maximum product density, suitable for dry sausages, course ground products, fine emulsions or chunked products, 320 Lb. hopper with lid, 440 volts, 3 phase, 16.5 Amps
Used, Good Working Condition
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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Vemag Robot Stuffer


Item #: 6287

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Stuffer
Vacuum Stuffer, 120 Liter Stainless Steel Hopper, Analog Controls, Portion Control,
220 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Used, In Good Condition
F.O.B. Tacoma, Washington/Freight Collect

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Handtmann Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 6328

Handtmann Model VF-80 Vacuum Stuffer SC #10534JE
This vacuum stuffer is ideal for small to medium size productions. The outstanding feature of this stuffer is the reliable high performance vane-cell feed system. An effective evacuation of the filling guarantees a significant improvement in quality of products. Other features are:
*Integrated accessory box is accommodated in the front panel conveniently located within easy reach of the operator.
*Sensitive control provided by the hydraulic drive system ensuring such a gentle filling that both the meat product and the casing are subject to minimum of stress.
*Precise control: It is fitted with a micro-computer control with a portion control from 5-100,000 grams with precision adjustment down to 0.1 gram for exact group weights.
*Smooth surfaces ensure quick and reliable cleaning, filling capacity up to 3000 KG per hour, filling pressure up to 55 bar, 80 liter hopper
The unit is 575 Volt, 3 Phase. No horns or attachments included. 
F.O.B. Lake City, PA/Freight Collect

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Handtmann Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 6364

Handtmann Model VF 200 Vacuum Stuffer SC#10562J
Stainless Steel Hopper, Rotary Vane Pump, Portion Control, Touch Screen Controls/Digital Readout
220 Volts, 3 Phase
FOB Freight Collect/Sandwich, Illinois

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Vemag Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 6744

Vemag Robot HP10S Vacuum SC #10934
Vacuum Stuffer, 220/440 Volts, 3 phase
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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Marlen Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 6775

Marlen OPTI200 Vacuum Stuffer SC #10964
Outboard Vacuum Stuffer & Pump, self-contained, 25 h.p. hydraulic unit, 5 h.p. vacuum pump,
8 9/16" piston diameter, 10" stroke, 4" Dia. product outlet, 20,000 LB/hr max. capacity, with
Marlen Mdl. OPTI200 Vari-Kut In-Line Grinder,
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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Frey Vacuum Stuffer


Item #: 6830

Frey Mdl. F-Line F60 Vacuum Stuffer SC #11016K
Vacuum Stuffer

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