S.S. Breading Applicator

Stein Mdl. XL-24 S.S. Breading Applicator SC #10378
Stainless Steel Breading Applicator, 24" wide stainless steel conveyor belt
hydraulic controls
Complete with stainless steel conveyor 24" W X 76" L, on wheels
F.O.B Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

Food Engineering Breader

Food Engineering Development (FED) Portable Drum Coating Tumbler SC #11488J
 Coating Tumbler, 3’ diameter x 5’ long stainless steel drum, (3) conveyor belts, 16” wide x 50” long top belt, 16” wide x 5’ long bottom belt, 16” wide X 4’ long discharge belt, stainless steel control box, AC Tech variable speed controller, 1/2 H.P.,  220/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

Rheon Encrusting Machine

Rheon Mdl. KN300 Encrusting Machine SC #10762
Cornucopia Encrusting Machine, 220 volts, 3 phase
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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