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Comprehensive Asset Conversion & Recovery Programs

Barliant & Company are sellers of used industrial equipment. We maintain an unparalleled customer and dealer network to move equipment quickly. We offer food processing equipment for sale, providing complete asset conversion and recovery programs for multi-plant companies. We can adjust and adapt to your specific requirements. Our full suite of solutions includes:

Refurbished Inventory: This is the equipment we have directly purchased, rebuilt (if necessary), and are now offering for sale. We can prepare all equipment to ensure your investment is protected.

Consigned Equipment: Equipment we offer for sale on behalf of a trusted partner or client.

Auctions and/or Liquidation Sales: These are typically larger-volume sales efforts and usually involve the expertise of our sister company, Barliant Auctions.

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We have extensive contacts around North America and our inventory is always changing and expanding. Check out some of our featured items.

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Our experienced team of professionals provides full appraisals on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and personal assets from food processing industries.

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