Koppens Portioner

Item #: 5809

Koppens Mdl. VM400-52 Portioner SC #10065
Portioning Machine, stainless steel construction, mold plate 400 mm wide, hydraulic & pneumatic operated, up to 50 strokes per minute
Used, As Is condition
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

JBT Portioning System

Item #: 6406

JBT Mdl. DSI624 Portioning System SC #10604K
Portioning Water Jet Cutting System, dual lane, 4 cutting heads on 36" wide s.s. belt, in excellent condition, with high pressure pump Flow International Corp. Model 20XWD-55, Ser # 200-5983, Pressure 55K PSI/380MPa, Nema 12 enclosure
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

Portioning Cutter

Item #: 7042

Baader-Johnson Mdl. SL-501 Portioning Cutter SC #11223KJ
Portioning Cutter, Band Saw Style Slicer, 9 1/2" W X 5' L infeed conveyor, 9 1/2' W X 5' L infeed conveyor, 9 1/2" W X 5' L out feed conveyor, water: 4.0 GPM, 440 volts, 3 phase

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